Clients who have been surveyed* say that they opt for the Design-Build delivery method because of its distinct advantages, including time savings, better project control, better delivery process, better project team relationships and lower management cost.


In a Design-Build delivery method, FJW Construction serves as the single-source provider to the client for both the design and construction services. Unlike other delivery methods, FJW's leadership in the design phase enables us the flexibility to accommodate changes in our clients' facilities during all phases of the project.


Our team works closely with the client throughout the design-build process and reacts promptly to any needed changes. Our team of professionals uses the latest technology, building practices, and highest quality materials to make sure that each building meets our client's expectations.


It is this commitment to our clients that reduces the overall project cost and schedule, greatly improves the project team relationships, and reduces the client's exposure to litigation concerns.


Most importantly, we are not a contractor who simply claims to be able to perform design-build. We have years of experience with this exact delivery method. This experience enables us to advise our clients on all aspects of their building based on situations we have encountered over the years — saving the client additional time and money on their project.


FJW's number one goal is to deliver the best possible project to our clients by first developing an excellent working relationship.


*design-build survey conducted among the top 120 architectural and construction firms in America

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