In the Competitive Sealed Proposals (CSP), or Lump Sum Bidding, delivery method the Owner selects the General Contractor based the lowest bid. It is a demanding and competitive business that emphasizes cost control, yet still requires extensive planning, scheduling, quality, and safety.


Since 1972, FJW has built a reputation on our commitment to excellence and meeting the needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on our detailed cost accounting, accurate scheduling and expert field administration. Our goal is the satisfactory delivery of all projects, and we aren't satisfied until the client is. We call this our "Team Approach".


None the less, this method is still widely used. But because the CSP delivery method is a departure from FJW's "Team Approach" we carefully screen projects and clients before pursuing this type of work. Industry wide, this delivery method is the longest, most costly and lowest quality delivery system available today. Historically, the Lump Sum Bid approach to delivering a project has created adversarial relationships in which much of the effort is focused on blaming each other rather than building the project. The restraints of the Lump Sum Bid approach tie the hands of the design and construction professionals by restricting their ability to be creative and flexible in the management of a project.

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