Retail construction, whether its ground-up, interior finish-out or renovation, has its own unique set of challenges. These facilities must be delivered under extremely compressed schedules without sacrificing the elements that make them dynamic retail destinations and provide a unique shopping experience.


When FJW Construction is on the job, our clients' goals are our goals. And we work tirelessly to deliver their retail destinations in a timely, yet cost efficient manner. Our experienced staff adds value to the process because they are equipped with the tools to help retailers address the challenges of repositioning through our knowledge of the market, the local consultants and the vendors. In addition, we pride ourselves in our ability to work in these fast-paced, typically occupied environments without disrupting day-to-day operations occurring in the facility.


Retail interior finishes are the marquee of that particular retail brand with an approach to intrigue and compel the customer to be aesthetically entertained upon initial entry. FJW has over 30 years of experience working with specialized craftsmen to create high-end finishes in stainless steel, ceramic tiles, wood trim and molding, and exquisite painted details to ensure that our clients' brands are held to the highest quality among the various locations.


FJW has built a solid reputation for our ability, integrity, and highly dependable service because we have learned that the key to exceeding the needs of our clients is ensuring a clear understanding of those expectations at every level of the project. We would like to show you first-hand what an important difference that understanding can make in your success.

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