At FJW Construction we understand the unique challenges of building, renovating and expanding a wide range of aviation facilities. FJW's personnel have over 15 years experience working with the intricate, interwoven balance between the airlines' needs, airport security regulations, and safety of airport passengers.


Passengers require comfort, convenience and good communications within a safe, secure and easily navigated facility. At the same time, all the behind the scenes services have to enfold and support passenger activities in a quiet, comfortable, and code compliant environment.


We pride ourselves in working through these complex, typically occupied facilities with sometimes contradictory requirements. Our aviation team members are experienced, highly diverse and capable of timely response. In addition, FJW's regional offices strengthened by our parent company's corporate support provide back-up staff, logistical support, deep multi-faceted experience and business relationships that maintain cost control and tight schedule compliance. All of our resources are directed toward yielding secure, efficient and cost effective operations for the owners, operators, and stakeholders.


Throughout the years, we have learned that the key to exceeding the needs of our clients is ensuring a clear understanding of those expectations at every level of the project. In addition, FJW has built a solid reputation for our ability, integrity, and highly dependable service. We would like to show you first-hand what an important difference that understanding can make in your success.

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