The following are beliefs held by the employees and managers of FJW. They are our guiding principles and are fundamental to the achievement of our mission and the fulfillment of our vision. We believe we exist to serve our clients and are committed to continually perform beyond their expectations.

FJW Philosophy

  • A contract with FJW guarantees commitment, creativity, and mutually supportive relationship based on loyalty and trust.
  • Superior performance means value and savings for our clients.
  • Project after project, each FJW team sets out to increase our standard of dedication.

Company Mission Statement
FJW provides the high-value, trouble-free construction processes for our customers while continually exceeding their expectations of performance and innovation. Meeting our customers' needs will allow us to grow, improve our services and provide a professional and satisfying work environment that encourages employee development.

Vision Statement
FJW will be viewed by our customers as the contractor of choice, providing the highest quality and value through effective leadership and teamwork.