A New Orthopedic Clinic in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area
Mar 05, 2012

Arlington, TX March 5, 2012 – Arlington Orthopedic Associates has inaugurated a new clinical building at Mansfield, Texas, which was built by FJW Construction. AOA’s specializations include sports medicine, orthopedic surgery joint replacement/reconstruction, and spine care. For over 16 years, this partnership of 17 doctors has been providing orthopedic care within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. AOA’s new orthopedic clinic is built on a 1½-acre site on The Reserve at Mansfield. This planned urban development covers more than 2,600 acres, and requires distinct guidelines from each building.


The single-story, 12,560-square-foot, wood-framed building’s exterior is composed of burnished block, brick, and stucco. The exterior façade features a two-story glass curtain wall tower. The interior includes patient exam rooms, X-ray and MRI centers, a physical and occupational therapy department, doctor and staff areas, and a covered porte-cochere patient drop-off. The parking area can contain 50 vehicles.


Project architect Terry R. Cunningham ensured that the building’s architectural style and landscaping comply with The Reserve’s guidelines. He remarked on working with FJW, “It was a good working experience. FJW was professional, thorough, and precise in communications and paperwork.”


FJW negotiated an agreement with the City of Mansfield’s Planning Department, and offered multiple alternate building options to the client. These actions reduced the estimated project cost by over $100,000. For the past five years, AOA was inside a leased medical office building in Mansfield. FJW managed a strict timeline, as AOA physicians had to vacate the leased building by a specific date.


AOA Chief Administrative Officer John Wagner noted on FJW’s service, “It was excellent; you can’t go through any project without having a few bumps, but I never felt alone. In some situations, the owner gets stuck, trying to figure things out on their own, but FJW is not that way. There were no issues that came up that FJW wasn’t willing to work through. When working with doctors and healthcare managers, we are specific on what we want in a building. FJW was able to deliver on-time and under budget.”


FJW guided the owner through the construction process. The construction manager created mockups of the exam room and nursing station so that doctors and nurses could properly visualize their working areas prior to construction. The exam room mockup made clear to the stakeholders the need for additional electrical receptacles and data ports. The nursing station mockup showed exactly where to place equipment. The construction manager also notified the owner on city requirements, such as a landline setup for the fire alarm. FJW managed the utility contractor to run two separate conduits from the AT&T location into the new building. FJW also worked hand-in-hand with the civil engineer on grading and slopes to ensure proper handicapped accessibility.


The building project was delivered on time, despite last-minute change orders, on January 23rd. With this new orthopedic clinic, AOA is able to serve the expanding Metroplex’s population in the south end. There is an open house scheduled April 24th from 6 – 8 pm. The new building offers more space, which has enabled AOA to offer MRI and physical/occupational therapy. Located across Mansfield Methodist Hospital, AOA now has a prominent presence within this well-built facility.



A New Orthopedic Clinic in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area