Arlington Orthopedic Associates Medical Office Building

When Arlington Orthopedic Associates (AOA), who specializes in sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, and joint replacement/ reconstruction, needed to vacate their existing facility, they retained FJW Construction as their construction manager to build their new 12,560 sf orthopedic clinic. The new facility was built in a planned urban development with strict exterior design guidelines and includes patient exam rooms, X-ray and MRI centers, and a physical and occupational therapy department.


FJW Construction was able to save the client over $100,000 by negotiating with the City of Mansfield’s Planning Department to allow them to offer the client multiple alternate building options. FJW then guided the owner through the construction process, including creating mockups of the exam room and nursing station. In addition, FJW managed a strict schedule to meet AOA necessary move-in date.


AOA Chief Administrative Officer John Wagner commented on FJW’s service, “It was marvelous. In some situations, the owner gets stuck, trying to figure things out, but FJW is not that way. There were no issues that came up that FJW wasn’t willing to work through. When working with doctors and healthcare managers, we are specific on what we want in a building and FJW was able to deliver. It was very nice.”