Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal B Projects

FJW Construction has completed many projects at Terminal B, including numerous ticket counter relocations. For the Air Tran Ticket Counter Relocation, FJW coordinated all phases of the construction process, from designer selection to walking the proposal through the DFW Board plan review process. All work was performed in a highly public area, necessitating some of the work to be performed during off hours. FJW also managed the installation of the ticket system, working with both the electrical subcontractor and the corporate IT provider. FJW was highly conscious of the possibility of security breaches, and provided escorts for all nonbadged airline personnel subcontractor and suppliers.


Other Terminal B Projects:

  • Conveyor Right Of Way
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Tenant Airline Relocations
  • American Eagle Gate Conversion
  • America West Ticket Counter Relocation
  • TWA Integration
  • Independent Work Station Implementation