NorthStar Surgical and Professional Centers

Due to our expertise in these facility types, FJW Construction was recommended over large, local contractors to build the first two phases of this project, the NorthStar Surgical Center and the NorthStar Professional Center, and prepare the site for a third phase, a full-service hospital.


NorthStar Surgical Center was established in 2001 by a group of the region’s best known physicians with the mission of keeping patient costs to a minimum. They needed new facilities to perform common procedures for the following branches of medicine: podiatry; gastroenterology; gynecology; urology; hand surgery; orthopedics; pain management; ear, nose, and throat; ophthalmology; cosmetic and plastic surgery; and other general surgeries.


FJW began by building the first phase, The Surgical Center, a single-story, 26,000-SF surgery center with six operating rooms, four treatment rooms, pediatric acute care unit (PACU), and pre-operation rooms.


The second phase is The Professional Center, a two-story, 48,000-SF building with administration offices and waiting areas, doctors’ offices and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed axial tomography (CT) scanner, and X-Ray suites, exam rooms and stand alone physician offices.


In order to complete the buildings on schedule, and accommodate the requirements of the half-dozen physician groups, the FJW team performed an extensive coordination effort. Careful planning and coordination were key in order to work effectively and efficiently with the buildings’ design team as well as the designers for each physician group.