DFW International Airport Fire Training Research Center

DFW International Airport’s Department of Public Safety force safeguards the 18,000-acre prairie surrounding the nation’s second largest airport. The department’s Fire Training Academy has trained over 9,000 participants from across the U.S. and 23 other nations. Recognized as one of the best firefighting centers in the world, it provides agencies with Aircraft Rescue Firefighting (ARFF) and Structural training services in an environment unique to any other training centers in the world. Training is conducted using aircraft mockups that are built to scale and designed to deliver actual conditions a firefighter would encounter during an emergency response. Scenarios are simulated via computer-controlled functions that allow for immediate shutdowns in addition to evacuations of smoke and heat. To address growing demands, the academy is upgrading its facilities.


(Forward to 3:04 to see mockups and training building in video below)


FJW Construction is providing the construction services to upgrade the Fire Training Center facilities. Services include constructing a two-story training/ briefing station and fire control facility, constructing a one-story training/ office building, refurbishing the propane burn pit and control system, renovating the structural fire trainer, installing a new aircraft mockup, providing a new liquid hydrocarbon fuel pit, and converting the briefing building into a gallery and break-room.


FJW has extensive experience in the aviation industry, especially in facilities management for DFW International Airport. The firm’s exemplary safety record makes it an ideal construction manager for the large-scale, complex upgrades for the firefighting center. FJW’s processes are designed to ensure that all facilities are high-quality projects within budget and schedule. With these facility upgrades, FJW is assisting the Fire Rescue Training Academy remain one of the best centers in the world.